The first hackathon in Switzerland dedicated to tackle food waste and food-related emissions will take place in Geneva

InnMind announce that it's partner FoodHack Geneva taking place in Geneva on the 29th & 30th of October, will bring together 60 talented participants built up of developers, designers and business people to shape the future of food for good.

Over this 2 day, 36-hour event, startups, entrepreneurs and corporates will all come together under one roof to change the way we handle our food waste and reduce our food-related emissions in Switzerland.

Food waste in Switzerland

In Switzerland, two million tonnes of food are wasted per year making up around a third of all Swiss trash and our food choices are responsible for 30% of manmade greenhouse gas emissions. These shocking facts is what originally sparked the idea of the event and the organising team, One Roof, knew they could rally others, just as passionate as them to join their pursuit to change these statistics.

Aims of FoodHack Geneva 2016:

  • Bring the local and international community of Geneva together under one roof
  • Highlight and celebrate existing companies, people, and organisations in Switzerland making a positive change on the future of food and food waste
  • Raise awareness of food waste in Switzerland
  • Educate the public on how to cut down on food waste
  • Come up with solutions that could change the way Switzerland deals with food waste
  • Provide a space for participants to learn, improve their skills and meet new friends and/or business contacts
  • Encourage participants from outside of universities to join too
  • Encourage more female entrepreneurs, developers and designers to attend hackathons and startup events
  • Grow ENTP.’s network of partners and sponsors to organise hackathon & startup events with in the future
  • Highlight and raise awareness of Seedspaces new opening in La Praille

While one part of FoodHack Geneva focuses on creating new solutions to tackle food waste, and food emissions, the other side is to celebrate and highlight current initiatives and people across Switzerland that are already working in these areas to create a better future in our food industries.

Food waste facts

Some of the event partners of FoodHack Geneva include:

  • Seedspace, the leading coworking and coliving providers in Geneva

  • WWF Switzerland

  • ENTP, events and branding agency organising hackathon and startup events across Europe

  • Eaternity, a Zurich based tech startup providing guidance on food-related CO2-emissions

  • Ecole hoteliere de lausanne

  • Foodways, a consultancy agency focussed on innovating food sectors in Switzerland

  • Indemand, a US based startup allowing individuals and businesses to create an on-demand store in minutes

  • Grimiam, a non-profit organisation advocating the use of insects for human consumption

  •, a Geneva based startup sending hand-picked wines straight to your door

  • Oggi, a catering service creating tasty, low waste meals using local and seasonal ingredients  

FoodHack Geneva’s goals go beyond the solutions that will be created during the event, and aim to also raise awareness of food waste with the general public as Swiss households account to 45% of all food waste in Switzerland. The organisers Arman Anaturk and Camille Bossel hope to educate the public of Geneva to make conscious decisions when purchasing foods to ensure they buy local and seasonal vegetables and store them correctly to reduce wasted produce.

“It’s not only about the impact food waste has on the environment”, says Arman, “food waste also has a negative impact on people's budgets and by making smart choices when it comes to purchasing and storing food, families and individuals can save a considerable amount of money every month”.

With hackathons quickly growing in interest in Switzerland and new startup events popping up around the country, FoodHack Geneva organisers Camille and Arman hope to set the standard for events of this type.

“Typically what happens with hackathons and startup events like this is that the majority of participants on the day are male students. FoodHack Geneva not only wants to change the future of food but also to promote a more welcoming environment for all genders and participants no matter their background. With success creating this environment in our events in London and two thirds of the FoodHack Geneva’s team being female we’re well on the way to achieving this.”

Think you have a skill that you could contribute to the hackathon and have a passion to shape the future of the food? Apply to attend FoodHack Geneva now through or contact Arman Anaturk, Organiser at FoodHack Geneva to apply for participation or discuss opportunities of joining as a partner or sponsor of FoodHack Geneva.

Some facts about food waste in Switzerland

  • 2 million tonnes of food wasted per year in Switzerland
  • Food waste makes up about a third of all Swiss trash
  • 45% of food waste comes from households
  • Wasted food, especially meats contribute to the rise in CO2 levels worldwide
  • 40% of fresh vegetables and 19% of meat are thrown out annually

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