Moscow, November 30, 2015

Innovation sectors in Switzerland and Russia have a big history of development and each of the two countries has its own path. “Science, culture and education hold an important position in the cooperation of Russia and Switzerland,” - remarked Mr. Pierre Helg, Swiss Ambassador to Russia. “It is especially crucial nowadays as bilateral collaboration is the key success factor in science.” 


“Suvorov Prize plays an important role in driving innovations”, - said Mr. Bruno Sauter, director of Office for Economy and Labour of the canton of Zurich. With such awards as Suvorov Prize, scientists and experts in innovations have more chances to combine their effort and make their work even more efficient. The main goal of Suvorov Prize is to promote Swiss-Russian projects, which are innovative, creative, socially relevant and financially viable. 

Swiss-Russian Forum, organizer of Suvorov Prize, and INNOVARE, Swiss-Eurasian Innovative Platform, have become supporters and contributors to the development of international scientific collaboration. “The event that we attend today is a good sign in this difficult time, when people are tired of growing socio-political tensions and wish to resume collaboration in scientific field”, - remarked Mr. Glazyev, Russian presidential advisor, during his keynote speech on the ceremony. “I find it essentially important to support and develop such international collaboration initiatives as Suvorov Prize and Innovare Platform, which have positive impact on the whole innovative scene”. Mr.Glazyev underlined the necessity for each country to develop innovative technologies as one of the most efficient ways to combat inflation.

We are strongly interested in development of international collaboration between Russia and Switzerland”, says Mr. Glazyev

"We are strongly interested in development of international collaboration between Russia and Switzerland", says Mr. Glazyev

To choose the best project the international jury has examined more than 50 innovative projects. The winners were chosen from three sectors: medical (company Polywed for project “Biochron”, technology allowing performance increase of in vitro fertilization), pharmaceutical (company Nearmedic Plus for development of medical anti-tuberculosis agent) and e-commerce (company “E-commerce systems” for project “Market Mixer”, e-commerce platform). The winning start-ups receive monetary prize and one-year support in launching the project and entering the market.


In the framework of the conference, experts discussed the situation in innovation sectors in both countries. “We are strongly interested in development of international collaboration between Russia and Switzerland, aiming to establish in the future free economic space in the whole region from Vladivostok to Lisbon”, - highlighted Sergey Glazyev. Nelli Orlova, co-founder of INNOVARE spoke about challenges and new opportunities opened due to the scientific collaboration of Switzerland and Russia: “We are glad that one of the companies we are supporting – Polywed - has received the Suvorov Award 2015”, - said INNOVARE.


The innovative community acknowledged the activities of INNOVARE and discussed the impact that the Association has on Swiss-Eurasian innovative collaboration. “INNOVARE makes a lot for the development of innovations”, - said Mr. Henning Grossmann, CEO Foundation Technopark Zurich. Michael Lifshitz, R&D director of ‘Renova’, specified that “every week up to 30 innovative projects from countries of Eurasian Union and Switzerland join INNOVARE network”.


* The 5th ceremony of Suvorov Prize delivery coincided with 200-anniversary of Congress of Vienna in 1815. The Suvorov Prize is a part of a Swiss- Russian Innovation Initiative, launched by the Swiss Russian Forum Foundation in cooperation with the State Secretariat for Science, Education and Innovation, the Swiss Embassy in Moscow, the Canton Zurich as well as public and private organizations from Russia.

Beatrice Lombard, founder of Swiss Russian Forum, and Sergey Glazyev, Russian presidential advisor at 5th Suvorov Prize Ceremony in Moscow