Business incubator "Zelenograd"
Nanotechnological center "Dubna"
Business incubator - scientific center of Russian Academy of Science in Chernogolovka
Technological incubator of Novosibirsk academpark
Business incubator of technopark Strogino
Business incubator of the Academy of National Economy "In Cube"


Inter-universities Business Incubator QD, Saint-Petersburg


Obninsk business incubator
Innovation business incubator and technopark "Idea", Republic of Tatarstan
Technological business incubator of Novosibirsk State Technological University
Innovation incubator of Nizhniy Novgorod
Business incubator of INGRIA technopark, St-Petersburg
Far Eastern Federal University business incubator
Business incubator of West-Siberian Innovation Center (Tyumen technopark)
Omsk regional business incubator
Zarechinsk innovation business incubator
Ekaterinburg center of business development
Innovation business incubator of Chelyabinsk region
Innovation incubator of Troitsk city
Pensa regional union of business incubators
Incubator for MedTech startups MedXPoint
Astrakhan incubator for information technologies
IT-incubator «Fu2rama», Murmansk city
IT-accelerator of technopark Mordovia
Business incubator for IT projects "wellSTART"


Moscow State University business incubator
Project business incubator of Moscow State Technological University of Bauman
Moscow state Physics & Technics institute Innovation center
Tomsk open youth IT-incubator
Innovation business incubator of high-tech center "ChenRar"
Business incubator of Kazan high-tech technopark
The second technopark of IT-Park, opened in 2012 in Nab.Chelny
A new city in Russia with developed infrastructure. Special economic zone, technopark. Republic of Tatarstan
Innovation digital ecosystem & database